CES 2023: Trends to watch

CTA released a new research that projects U.S. technology retail revenues will fall into $485 billion in 2023 as the industry fights inflation.

CES 2023: Trends to watch
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CES 2023 is expected to feature several trends in technology, including enterprise technology driving innovation forward, robotics, AI and the metaverse, digital health mental wellness and virtual reality therapeutic applications, digital twins such as designs of virtual factories that precede the building of the factories in real life for companies like BMW and Mercedes, sustainability and ESG topics such as smart cities, renewable energy, circular economy and more, Nemo's Garden's project experimenting with growing crops in underwater biospheres and autonomous vehicles with numerous self-driving demonstrations planned for CES. These trends are expected to help pull us out of a recession and deal with shortages of skilled workers.

At CES 2023, several hot technologies are expected to be showcased, including the Aska A5 flying car, BMW's i Vision Dee companion car, TCL's RayNeo X2 AR glasses which can translate conversations in real time, and new PCs powered by new chips. Additionally, there will be advancements in electric vehicles and car tech, smart home tech, 4G technology, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and mobile devices, digital transformation with cloud, AI, cybersecurity, software-as-a-service and supply chain technologies, as well as the growth of services economy such as grocery delivery services. The metaverse is also expected to become closer to reality at CES 2023.

BMW unveiled the i Vision DEE concept at CES 2023, a sedan that is "at the core of the BMW brand". The concept car features a full-width heads-up display, color-changing panels, and a Mixed Reality Slider in the interior. It also has a full-windscreen head-up display, allowing for more control over the digital cluster in front of occupants. The goal of this concept was to reduce geometry and create an emotional connection between car and driver through digital technology. Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance on stage at BMW's CES 2023 presentation to discuss the concept.

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Location and Stay

CES 2023 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees can pick up their CES badges at a remote location before entering show facilities. The show footprint will be over 70% larger than CES 2022, with more than 4,500 exhibiting companies and nearly 20,000 new transformative tech products to be showcased.

Accommodation options for CES 2023 include hotels booked through the official CES hotel partner onPeak.com, as well as other hotels in the area. Costs vary depending on the hotel and room type chosen. There are also several after parties and invite-only events taking place during CES 2023, such as the Prohaska Consulting CES 2023 Happy Hour, Fortune Brainstorm Tech CES 2023 Dinner and Test, Launch, Drink at CES 2023.


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Official App and navigating around

Attending CES 2023 offers a variety of activities for attendees. Download the official CES 2023 app to help you make the most of your experience and navigate the show floor. Attendees can also purchase a Deluxe Conference Pass or an individual conference track in the fall to attend additional conference programming. It is important for all show attendees to follow health and safety protocols while at CES 2023. Tips for first-time attendees include arriving the day before the show starts, learning about Monorail routes, having a clear idea of what categories of products or list of companies you’d like to visit, and drinking plenty of water. The event boasts keynote addresses, speakers, and a conference program announced in the fall, with John May, Chairman and CEO of John Deere as the first keynote speaker. Exhibitor topic areas include sustainability and technology addressing global challenges such as feeding populations.


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