Cyber Threat Predictions for 2023

A thorough analysis and predictions of the new cyber risks that will emerge in 2023, as well as which ones are most likely to persist for some time.

Cyber Threat Predictions for 2023
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The volume and variety of cyberthreats will keep security professionals on their toes in 2023 and beyond, with new attacks on atypical targets including edge devices and the rising usage of wipers.

Many potential cyberthreat forecasts for 2023 include:

  1. Attacks powered by AI will become more common: Cybercriminals will utilize AI and machine learning to conduct increasingly complex and focused attacks. This might involve the use of voice assistants, chatbots, and phishing emails with AI capabilities.
  2. The frequency of ransomware attacks will rise: In the years to come, ransomware assaults will only grow in magnitude and frequency. Data recovery would undoubtedly become more challenging as fraudsters used increasingly advanced methods to bypass security measures and encrypt files.
  3. Targeted Internet of Things (IoT) devices include: Due to the growth of IoT devices, it is anticipated that attackers would leverage IoT device vulnerabilities to access networks and steal data.
  4. A big worry will be cloud security: Cloud use will keep growing, and enterprises will become increasingly concerned about cloud security. It is anticipated that hackers will take advantage of holes in cloud infrastructure and services.
  5. Deepfake assaults will happen more frequently: Deepfake technology is developing and getting simpler to make. Cybercriminals can use Deepfakes to fabricate news stories or extort victims.
  6. Shortage in Cybersecurity skills: The lack of cybersecurity professionals will continue, making it more challenging for businesses to hire suitable individuals to safeguard their networks.
  7. Attacks by nation-states will rise: It's possible that nation-states will keep using cyberattacks to gather information and disrupt vital infrastructure. The sophistication and frequency of these attacks will increase.

In general, cyber dangers are predicted to increase in frequency, complexity, and harm over the future years. In order to keep one step ahead of the attackers, organizations must be proactive in securing their networks and data and invest in the necessary technology and expertise.

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What to expect

Cybersecurity experts predict that cyber insurance issues will continue to arise in 2023. Nation-state cyber attacks are also expected to increase in frequency and sophistication.

Cybersecurity experts believe that human error will remain a major factor in cybersecurity threats for 2023.

Cybersecurity predictions for 2023 include the rise of targeted ransomware, the adoption of zero trust, and the emergence of more bots. Cyber insurance is expected to become more difficult to obtain and maintain, with premiums increasing and coverages shrinking.

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Cybersecurity spending is estimated to exceed $188 billion in 2023. There will be nearly 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs waiting to be filled in 2023. Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations were predicted to quadruple from 2017 to 2021 and 2022, and they are expected to continue trending up.

More than 33 billion records will be stolen by cybercriminals by 2023, an increase of 175% from 2018. By 2025, humanity's collective data will reach 175 zettabytes -- the number 175 followed by 21 zeros.

Gartner predicted that by 2025, 45% of global organizations will be impacted in some way by a supply chain attack.

There will be nearly three and a half million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally in 2023 according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions And Statistics For 2023

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