Idaho Survivor Dylan Mortensen Case And The Latest Updates

Sources claim that a survivor of the horrifying killings in Idaho mistakenly believed, partygoers were the source of the sound of four housemates being fatally stabbed.

Idaho Survivor Dylan Mortensen Case And The Latest Updates
Wiki 360 - Idaho Survivor Dylan Mortensen Case And The Latest Updates

On November 13, 2022, a terrorist incident happened close to the University of Idaho in Moscow. Four people died as a result of this tragedy.

Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle died in a homicide in Idaho. Also killed were Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves. Yet Dylan and Bethany made it through.

The Tragic Incident

One of the two roommates, Dylan Mortensen, escaped the knife attack that killed four University of Idaho students in their off-campus rental home on November 13, 2022, without suffering any harm.

According to the affidavit, Mortensen witnessed the murder, which was made public on January 5, 2023. But, according to the police case webpage, 911 wasn't dialed until 11:58 a.m., hours later. In the affidavit, it is said that Mortensen froze before locking her bedroom door.

The affidavit claims that the killings took place between 4 and 4:25 a.m. based on Mortensen's views. The eight-hour delay in reporting the crime "has been something that we have struggled over

The Unfoldings On The Night Of Attack

The affidavit states that Funke's room was on the first floor of the King Road house. On the southeast side of the second floor, where two of the victims, Chapin and Kernodle, were also sleeping, was Mortensen's bedroom.

  • According to the affidavit, the police questioned both of the surviving housemates.

  • Funke informed police that she had observed Chapin and Kernodle in the Sigma Chi House that evening from 9 p.m. to 1:45 a.m.

  • Before going home at 1:56 a.m., Goncalves and Mogen visited a neighbourhood tavern and a food truck.

  • The roommates told officers that everyone in the house was in their rooms by 4 a.m.* The affidavit lists several sounds Mortensen heard on the morning of the murders. The statement claims that Mortensen, was awakened at 4 a.m. by the sound of Goncalves playing with her dog in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

  • According to the affidavit, she overheard a person who she believed to be Goncalves say "something to the effect of 'there's someone here'." The affidavit claims that Kernodle, who was likely on TikTok when the murders took place at 4:12 a.m., may have truly been the voice heard.

  • The document states that Mortensen informed officers she peeked out of her bedroom window but did not see anything.


  • It claims that after hearing what she initially took to be crying coming from Kernodle's room, she opened the door a second time. At that point, she overheard a male voice saying "Something along the lines of That's okay, I'm going to help you."

  • The affidavit claims that around 4:17 a.m., a neighbouring security camera captured distorted audio of what "sounded like voices or a whimper followed by a heavy crash," and that "a dog can also be heard barking repeatedly starting at 4:17 a.m."

  • Mortensen informed police that after hearing sobbing, she opened her door a third time and "saw a figure dressed in black with a mask covering the person's lips and nose heading towards her.

  • According to the affidavit, D.M. described the man as being at least 5'10" tall, male, athletically built but not overly muscular, and sporting bushy eyebrows.

  • She was standing in a "fixed shock phase" as he passed her and made his way back to the back sliding glass door, the article claims.

  • As he approached the back sliding glass door, the man moved forward. Upon observing the male, D.M. closed herself in her room.

  • D.M. omitted any mention of knowing the man. The affidavit claims that this makes detectives think that the perpetrator fled the scene.

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Who Is Bryan Kohberger?

  • 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger is charged with viciously stabbing four classmates on November 13.

  • A shocking affidavit detailing the incident between the surviving flatmate and the culprit, Bryan Kohberger, detailed a similar interaction with some important variances.

  • The affidavit's account of Mortenson has a number of chilling similarities to that of Kohberger, a graduate student at Washington State University who is currently in custody for the crimes.

Important Takes

  • The tragic incident at Idaho University serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures and active security protocols in residential areas.

  • Universities and local authorities must work together to ensure the safety of their students and community members, especially in today's world where acts of terrorism can happen anywhere, anytime.

  • It's time for us to take a collective action towards ensuring the safety of our communities and invest in advanced security measures that can prevent incidents like this from happening again.

  • The fact that the tragedy might have been averted had someone called 911 immediately when hearing ominous noises coming from the home cannot be ruled out.

  • It is important to learn from this tragedy and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by reporting any suspicious activity without delay.

  • The devastating loss is irreplacable.